Gastric endosleeve in Mallorca

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Gastric endosleeve in Palma de Mallorca

Reduce your stomach up to 60% of its capacity and lose weight effectively.


Time of intervention:

1-2 hours






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15 days

What is gastric endosleeve?

Gastric endomandibular endoscopy is a medical procedure that is performed via endoscopy. to place 18 stitches in the stomach and achieve a reduction of up to 60% of its capacity. All this in order to achieve weight loss more quickly and effectively without having to resort to surgery.

The gastric endosleeve represents a revolutionary and highly effective option as an alternative to other weight loss strategies. alternative to other weight loss strategies.

What is gastric endosleeve treatment?

The gastric endomastia procedure consists of using an endoscope to access the stomach and reduce its capacity to hold food. to achieve a reduction of its capacity to contain food.. The professional who carries out this procedure shortens and narrows the stomach, achieving a tubulization of said organ. This translates into a greater feeling of satiety with a smaller amount of food, and helps to spread the consumption of calories throughout the day.

The approximate time required for the professional to perform the intervention is about 45 minutesduring which the patient is sedated on an outpatient basis. At the end of the procedure and if there is no type of complication, the patient can return home to continue with the care from their diet.

Once the procedure has been carried out, the patient will begin a program in which he/she will be able to educate him/herself about nutrition, which will facilitate the adaptation to the new habits. will make it easier to adapt to the new changes in habits..

For what type of patient is it indicated?

This novel anti-obesity tool has been carefully designed to exclusively serve patients with a Body Mass Index (BMI) between 35 and 40. patients with a Body Mass Index (BMI) of between 35 and 40. It is also presented as an ideal option for those individuals who face a high degree of obesity and wish to avoid more invasive surgical methods.

To choose the candidates, the medical team will assume the responsibility of carrying out a thorough and complete evaluation, in order to determine the most appropriate treatment for each particular case.

Through a personalized approach, we will seek to provide the most effective and safe solution, offering patients a renewed opportunity towards a healthier life full of well-being.

Before and after gastric endosleeve

Gastric endomy involves a radical change in the patient’s life. Before and after the procedure, several important steps and adjustments are made. Before the intervention, changes in diet and exercise are usually indicated, in addition to an overall evaluation.

Después del procedimiento, es fundamental un periodo de recuperación y adaptación. In the first weeks, it is recommended to follow a special diet composed mainly of liquids and soft foods, which allow the stomach to gradually recover from the intervention. It is essential to follow the guidelines and recommendations provided by the medical team to ensure optimal recovery and avoid complications.

Over time, as the stomach adjusts to its new reduced capacity, more solid foods will be gradually introduced. The patient will be guided to adopt healthier and more balanced eating habits, according to his or her new gastric accordance with their new gastric reality.

In addition, the regular practice of physical activity will be encouraged and emotional and nutritional support will be provided throughout the transformation process.

Opinions of our clients after the gastric endosleeve

The multiple patient opinions and testimonials who have undergone the gastric endomastia procedure at Doctor Life clinics are one of the best proofs of the efficiency and professionalism behind each stomach reduction treatment and the expertise of our professionals.

Frequently asked questions about gastric endostomy

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The amount of kilos that can be lost after a gastric endomastia procedure can vary depending on several factors. may vary depending on several factors, such as the patient’s metabolismsuch as the patient’s metabolism, the extent of the procedure and any dietary restrictions the person may have.

However, according to statistics, you can lose up to 70% of the excess weight. When the patient has mild obesity, weight loss can be up to one kilo per week and in total a loss of 40 to 55 kilograms can be achieved.

The cost of a gastric endomy at Doctor Life in Mallorca is 9,995 euros.The treatment can be paid in installments of up to 60 months, which represents a great ease of payment and provides access to this treatment to people of all social strata. The first assessment appointment is completely free, and it offers all the necessary information to know if you are a patient suitable for the procedure.

Gastric endosleeve is a fairly safe procedure. However, every medical procedure involves risks, even if they are minimal. In the case of gastric endosleeve, one of the side effects can be mild pain in the gastric area, although this is usually temporary and very brief.although this is usually temporary and very brief.

Regarding contraindications, no person who does not meet the requirements or who does not pass the previous medical evaluation should undergo this procedure. should undergo this procedure.

The effects of gastric endosleeve can be felt immediately, as the patient will experience a significant decrease in appetite. Then, as the days go by, you start to lose weight, up to the next 6 months.

In general, the effect of gastric endosleeve is permanent; however, it is not ruled out that over time weight gain may occur if the healthy habits recommended by specialists are not adapted, such as eating a balanced diet and performing physical activity constantly.

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