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What is hormone replacement therapy and what is it for?

Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) is a medical approach used to balance hormone levels in the body. This therapy is especially common in women experiencing menopause and in men with low testosterone levels due to andropause.

Furthermore, it has been shown to help preserve bone density and prevent osteoporosis. Its main goal is to alleviate uncomfortable symptoms due to low hormone levels in the blood, thereby improving the quality of life for patients.

How does hormone replacement therapy work?

HRT involves the administration of hormones: estrogen and progesterone in women or testosterone in men, in the form of pills, patches, creams, or injections. These hormones are identical to those naturally produced by the body, and through their administration, optimal hormone levels are restored.

In the case of women, this hormone treatment helps alleviate menopausal symptoms such as hot flashes, vaginal dryness, improves bone health, and reduces the risk of heart disease and osteoporosis.

Regarding men, HRT increases energy, improves bone health and sexual function, and reduces symptoms of depression and fatigue related to low testosterone levels.

Who is hormone replacement therapy indicated for?

HRT is suitable for both men and women. In women, it is recommended for those who suffer from menopausal symptoms such as hot flashes, vaginal dryness, night sweats or mood swings. In addition, this therapy may be recommended for women at risk of osteoporosis or heart disease.

Men may also benefit from HRT, especially those with low testosterone levels who experience symptoms of depression, erectile dysfunction, fatigue or loss of muscle mass. However, some men choose HRT to increase their energy levels and sexual function.

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Before and after hormone replacement therapy

Before beginning treatment, many patients experience uncomfortable symptoms and health problems related to hormonal imbalances. These symptoms can affect their quality of life and emotional well-being.

After receiving HRT, patients notice a significant improvement in their quality of life. HRT can make the difference between living a full and active life or struggling with debilitating symptoms.

What our patients say

At Doctor Life Clinics, our patients’ satisfaction is our top priority. Over the years, we have helped numerous men and women regain their hormonal balance and improve their quality of life through hormone replacement therapy.

Frequently asked questions about hormone replacement therapy

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Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) may have contraindications and associated risks, so each case must be evaluated on an individual basis. It is essential that any decision regarding HRT be made after a thorough medical evaluation and a thorough discussion with your physician.

The relationship between hormone replacement therapy (HRT) and weight gain is a complex issue and varies from person to person. Some patients may experience weight gain during HRT, while others may not. Remember that leading a healthy lifestyle, including a balanced diet and regular physical activity, can help control weight during HRT.

Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) can offer several significant benefits such as relief of menopausal symptoms, improvement of bone and cardiovascular health, reduction of early menopausal symptoms, improvement of sexual function and quality of life in andropause, or improvement of emotional well-being.

Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) can have side effects, and the nature and severity of these effects can vary depending on the individual, the type of hormones used, the dose, and the duration of treatment. It is essential to be informed about possible side effects in order to make informed decisions and discuss them with a healthcare professional.

The price of hormone replacement therapy can vary depending on several factors such as geographic location, type of hormone treatment, dosage or duration of treatment. In addition, health insurance coverage may also influence the cost of HRT. We encourage you to contact us so that we can evaluate your case and provide you with a quote tailored to your needs.

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