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What is Priapus for: put an end to your sexual problems?

Priapus Shot, also known as P-Shot, is a male vampire treatment focused on the recovery of muscle and joint injuries such as erectile dysfunction, lichen sclerosus or peyronie’s disease.

In addition, this novel technique in Spain contributes to the improvement of the body and sexual performance in general. All this thanks to the increased blood flow that occurs in the male intimate area.

Doctor Life Clinics is the only accredited center in Spain that offers Vampire treatments to its patients. A cutting-edge method that is fully compatible with hormonal optimization to increase your well-being and health.

The Priapus Shot (P-Shot)

Improve the quality of your intimate relationships and regain your self-confidence with the vampire P-Shot treatment. A pioneering technique in Spain that you will find in Doctor Life Clinics.

Do you suffer from erectile dysfunction problems?

It is estimated that 1 in 3 men suffer from erectile dysfunction. If you think you could be one of them, contact our experts and we will help you and accompany you throughout the process.

Male genital rejuvenation with PRP

In Doctor Life Clinics we offer the best solutions against aging. This technique of male genital rejuvenation with hematological derivative allows a man not only to completely improve his sexual relations, but also to recover his confidence and self-esteem.

Sixty percent of male patients who begin this treatment experience great improvements almost immediately. In addition, more than 85% of men repeat the treatment and start a new P-Shot session.

After the first month, the final results will be visible. Depending on the patient’s needs, 1 or 2 P-Shot sessions may be required, leaving a margin of 8-12 weeks between them.

How is a Priapus Shot session performed?

Unlike other methods of sexual enhancement, the P-Shot is a quick and virtually painless non-surgical treatment. This procedure lasts approximately 20 minutes. It begins with a simple blood draw in order to separate the platelet-rich plasma and inject it into the shaft and head of the penis.

After the platelet injection, the medical team will use a pump for approximately 15 minutes. At the end of the session, the patient will be able to resume daily activities without having to recover from the treatment.

The results of P-Shot in men are almost immediate and progressive over time. This procedure should be repeated daily for at least 15 days to ensure better results.

Who is the vampire P-Shot treatment for?

Vampire P-Shot treatment is the definitive solution for men who suffer from prolonged and serious sexual problems during intimate relations.

With this revolutionary medical technique you will be able to put an end to the traumas caused by the shape of your penis and the problems caused by the inability to maintain a lasting erection. From stress to overwhelm, frustration or even psychological damage.

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Frequently asked questions about Priapus Shot treatment

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With the vampire P-Shot treatment you will achieve longer and longer lasting erections over time, considerably improve the size of your penis and increase the resistance throughout your sexual relations.

In addition, this novel technique based on hematological derivative reduces premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction problems, provides better sensations of pleasure and, most importantly, boosts the patient’s mood and self-esteem.

The P-Shot is an aesthetic medicine treatment that can be performed at any age and at any time of the year. In order to know if the candidate is totally suitable for this method, our medical team will perform an exhaustive previous analysis to know the current sexual health status. From there, we will make a schedule and a calendar to start treatment as soon as possible.

Of course. Vampire treatments are fully compatible with any other method of aesthetic medicine to rejuvenate and combat the passage of time.

It is also very common to combine it with other hormone optimization techniques to improve results and put an end to erectile dysfunction.

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