Overcomes erectile dysfunction


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What is P-Pump?

Known as a “pump” or vacuum erection device, this device is placed directly on the base of the male genital organ once it is erect. This technique is complementary to our Vampire P-Shot treatment and is combined to achieve the best goals in a natural way, without surgery and without adverse effects. Our medical team will be in charge of indicating the recommendations and guidelines to achieve an optimal result.

ereccion por vacio


What are the benefits of the P-Pump?

This treatment is one of the best options for erectile dysfunction for different reasons.

♦ Effective, achieving an erection sufficient for the intimate act.
♦ Lower risks for the patient and reduced side effects.
♦ Overall cost of the most economical treatment.
Minimally invasive technique.
♦ Can be used with other treatments.
♦ Helps to recover erectile function after certain procedures.

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