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What is O-Shot?

Improve your intimate relationships and enjoy sex again with the vampire O-Shot treatment. One of the newest techniques in the aesthetic medicine sector and exclusive to Doctor Life Clinics.

O-Shot: rejuvenate your vaginal area and recover the female orgasm.

The O-shot is a female vampire treatment that aims to rejuvenate the vagina through the use of hematological derivative. An advanced medical technique with which to put an end to intimate dysfunction and the problems associated with the practice of intimate relations.

Currently, Doctor Life Clinics is the only accredited center in our country to offer the benefits of the Vampire techniques. An easy and simple solution for women who need to regain wellness in their sexual life and improve their health completely.

Female genital rejuvenation with hematological derivative

Forty percent of women in our country have experienced female sexual dysfunction in their lifetime. The most common stages are usually at the end of childbirth and during the onset of menopause.

Unlike other types of traditional medical treatments, the O-Shot achieves female genital rejuvenation without side effects and without harming the body. Regenerating vaginal tissue and improving sexual arousal, libido and, of course, orgasm.


Benefits of O-Shot with hematological derivative

The hematological derivative is one of the most demanded treatments for cellular regeneration in specific areas such as the face and scalp. Now, it can also be applied to more delicate and sensitive areas such as the vagina.

At Doctor Life Clinics we have extensive experience in this treatment.
Obtaining very beneficial results with our patients. These include:

  • Progressive increase in sensitivity.
  • More intense orgasms with increased desire.
  • Increased arousal with stimulation of the clitoral area.
  • Decrease of pain in people suffering from dyspareunia.
  • Improve natural lubrication.
  • Reduction of urinary incontinence, both urgency and stress incontinence.
  • Younger, softer and smoother vaginal skin.
  • Reduction of inflammation in this sensitive area.
  • Tighter vaginal opening.

Who is the vampire O-Shot treatment for?

The O-Shot is the fastest and most effective solution among women sufferers:

  • Difficulties in becoming aroused and achieving quality orgasms.
  • Low appetite and sexual desire.
  • Painful sex.
  • Urinary incontinence.
  • Lichen sclerosus.
  • Frustration and high levels of stress caused by these intimate problems during their sexual relations.
Rejuvenecimiento vaginal

How is an O-Shot session performed?

The vampire O-Shot treatment is a minimally invasive procedure that is performed using plasma extracted from the patient’s blood. This plasma is then precisely re-injected into different areas of the vagina and clitoris in order to rejuvenate the female genital tissue.

The stimulation of the growth of new cells allows the increase of blood flow in the vaginal area, recovering the sensitivity and the smooth and healthy appearance of the vaginal lips.

The session takes place in our offices and lasts approximately 30 minutes. At the end of the procedure, the patient will be able to resume her normal activity without the need to rest or follow a specific post-operative period.

Frequently asked questions about the O-Shot

The treatment may cause some discomfort typical of plasma injections in the genital area, so the area is numbed with an anesthetic to minimize any pain.

The results of the O-Shot are not definitive since it is a non-surgical aesthetic medicine procedure, so the patient will have to repeat the treatment after 9 to 15 months. If the patient maintains a healthy lifestyle, it is likely that the results can be maintained over time.

No. The O-Shot vaginal rejuvenation treatment has no side effects, since it uses the patient’s own blood, so there is no rejection.

To achieve satisfactory and successful results, the patient must follow the guidelines and recommendations of the medical team. During the first 10 days, sexual intercourse is not allowed and it is advisable not to make unnecessary physical efforts. In addition, it is advisable to wear comfortable and not too tight clothing.

Most patients begin to experience the first effects after 15 days, by which time the stem cells have begun to grow. People suffering from dyspareunia will have to wait until the fourth week to feel relief and reduce pain during sexual intercourse.

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