Why choose DOCTOR LIFE clinics?


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Safety and confidence to improve your health. Spain has become one of the countries in the world with the highest demand for aesthetic medicine and surgery treatments. In addition to the more than 400,000 surgical interventions performed each year, we have to add outpatient procedures and new techniques, with and without devices, that allow improving the facial and body aesthetics of women and men without surgery.

In view of this growth, at Doctor Life Clinics we believe that it is of vital importance that both our medical staff and our facilities comply with a series of fundamentals and factors, reaching the commitment and safety that each of our patients deserve.

Professionalism, experience and qualified training are just some of the criteria we meet. But, so that you can be the one to decide, here are some of the compelling reasons to say “yes” to Doctor Life Clinics.

Specialists in aesthetic medicine and surgery treatments

Our surgeons and cosmetic physicians have extensive training in the field of medicine and plastic surgery. His extensive experience will help you meet your expectations and correct or improve any area of your body.

Together with the best overweight and obesity team

Our Nutrition, Overweight and Obesity Unit can boast one of the best medical teams in the country and beyond. In addition to being accredited with their professional training and university degrees, all of them are specialized in the new techniques of stomach reduction without surgery. Guaranteeing you an excellent quality service and commitment to your wellbeing and health.

Leaders in Vampire techniques and hormone optimization

At the forefront of health. Currently, Doctor Life Clinics is the number 1 referral medical center in the new original Vampire techniques and hormone optimization treatments to improve your body day after day.

But as all this is still not enough for us, in each of our centers we have:

All treatments are guaranteed by Doctor Life

Doctor Life Commitment, we'll match any price

Continuous free check-ups

Quality department that listens to you 910 889 528

Number 1 in hormone optimization

Precision medicine

Clinics in different parts of Spain

Number 1 in intravenous treatments

Free anthropometric study

Plastic surgeons

Authentic vampire treatments

Exhaustive and complete preoperative

Lifetime prosthesis warranty

Nutrition and obesity specialists

Highly qualified anesthesiologists

Exclusive weight loss method with the best result

Surgeries performed in the best hospitals