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What does the POSE Method consist of?

The POSE Method is one of the most recommended weight loss treatments among moderately overweight patients who are looking to lose weight effectively without conventional surgery.

It is currently one of the most advanced techniques on the market and consists mainly of a reduction of the stomach without incisions through endoscopy and orally. Thanks to this technique, any patient will be able to reduce the capacity of his stomach by approximately 20-25%, in a simple way and without starvation.

How does the POSE Method work?

The procedure for this type of stomach reduction without conventional surgery is very simple. It is performed by endoscopy and orally, under general anesthesia, with an approximate duration of about 30 minutes. By means of this technique, the surgeon introduces a small flexible tube into the stomach with which he will make the different folds in the upper and lower part of the stomach.

Folds are made in both areas because the upper part of the stomach contains the hormone responsible for provoking the sensation of hunger that is so difficult to control in overweight patients. By reducing the size, the sensation of satiety is achieved much faster. While the folds in the lower part or base of the stomach will help the appetite to take longer to appear.

After the first 48 hours following surgery, the patient can begin to resume daily activities and lead a completely normal life, taking into account the recommendations set by the medical team. If you are thinking about reducing your stomach without surgery, don’t think twice because the POSE method is the perfect treatment. In Doctor Life Clinics we are specialists in obesity treatments so we advise you at all times according to your needs.

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Frequently asked questions about the POSE Method

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All interventions, whether surgical or not, involve certain risks. The POSE method, however, is minimally invasive and takes only 25 minutes. This technique is performed orally by endoscopy, guaranteeing a quick recovery. All these qualities make this method a great, fast and safe option to lose weight for good.

This procedure is non-invasive. It is performed orally, by endoscopy, avoiding open stomach surgery. In this way, it is possible to reduce stomach capacity by 20 to 25% in a simple way.

The procedure lasts, on average, about 25 minutes.

The difference lies in the types of folds that are made in the patient’s stomach. In the case of the POSE method, the surgeon makes folds in the upper and lower part of the stomach, unlike the gastric endosleeve, in which the stomach is reduced in a general way until it acquires the shape of a gastric tube/sleeve.
In the case of the POSE method, only folds are made in the upper and lower stomach area. In this way, we manage to reduce the patient’s sensation of hunger and help the appetite to take longer to appear.

At Doctor Life Clinics we assist our patients with nutritional counseling in parallel to the operation. Thus, the patient will avoid the rebound effect, carrying out a dietary re-education to avoid regaining the lost weight.

The patient can lose between 45 and 55% of excess weight, thanks to the reduction of stomach capacity. From the first day, the patient will begin to lose weight gradually.

This method is indicated for people with a Body Mass Index between 30 and 40, that is, who want to lose between 15 and 35 kilos.

Anyone who needs to lose weight but does not want to undergo open stomach surgery and has a BMI between 30 and 40 is an ideal candidate for this method. The patient must not have previous gastrointestinal pathologies, and must not be treated with anti-inflammatory drugs or anticoagulants.

Because it is a non-invasive procedure that is performed orally, the risks of complications are minimal. Recovery is rapid and the patient can return to normal life 24 to 48 hours after surgery.

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