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What is Nutrigenomics?

It is evident that each person receives and assimilates foods differently from others. Our bodies are different and their ability to react and respond to different foods varies.
Nutrigenomics is the study of how food affects a person’s genes and how genes affect the body’s reaction to food.

This is crucial when it comes to establishing eating habits or routines. This technique allows us to know to what extent and how the food we consume affects our organism.
At Doctor Life Clinics we treat each patient in a unique and personalized way. By attending to your specific problems in order to find the solutions that best suit each one.

The personalized nutrition program offered by Doctor Life’s obesity and nutrition team allows you to lose that excess fat and weight in a totally natural way without the need to starve yourself or make strict food restrictions.

During the whole process we will help you to modify your eating habits with a special dietary re-education program, so that you will be the first to know what kind of food you can and should eat, learning how to completely elaborate your daily menus.

How does nutrigenomics work?

Nutrigenomics or personalized nutrition that we offer you in Doctor Life Clinics is a diet program to lose weight with the help of our team of medical professionals and experts in the area of obesity and nutrition.

After a personalized study of each patient, we will create a dietary guide according to their needs and the objective set. Whether it’s losing weight, maintaining or simply controlling your habits. All through nutritional reeducation.

Throughout the treatment you will have a nutrition team that will guide you so that you do not suffer any type of anxiety or relapse in any of the bad habits so common in the population. We will also help you to progressively include physical activity in your daily life.

Taking into account the specific needs of each patient, the treatment will consist of several sessions of doctor and nutritionist, extending more or less in time. Controls and follow-ups will be carried out every 7-15 days to know the complete evolution of the patient.

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