Gastric endomanga

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Gastric endomanga: stomach reduction without bariatric surgery

Gastric Endomanga is one of the latest and most effective treatments to combat obesity. This non-surgical stomach reduction is capable of reducing gastric capacity by up to 60%.

Since it is performed endoscopically, the patient does not have to undergo surgery and can begin his or her recovery directly at home on the same day.

This novel technique is performed by means of a total of 18 strong sutures in the body of the stomach, and not in the ceiling as was the case with the Pose Method. Any of them will not leave a scar on the patient’s abdomen.

The results of this reduction are totally definitive. At the end of the procedure, the patient will be able to observe how the usual feeling of hunger decreases.

How is the Endomanga Gastric Sleeve weight loss treatment?

The endoscopic gastric sleeve procedure is performed directly in our hospitals by endoscopy. Without the need for surgical intervention or surgery.

This treatment lasts approximately 45 minutes. The team of endoscopic surgeons will be in charge of performing the stomach reduction without surgery with a total of 18 sutures along the gastric body.

The result of the Endomanga is to create a kind of gastric tube that allows to reduce the current capacity of the stomach. It is possible to lose up to 50 kilos during the whole treatment.

At the end of the procedure, the patient will be able to start his recovery at home, and begin his personalized nutritional re-education program. During the first few days it is normal to have some discomfort, these symptoms will disappear over the weeks.

Throughout the whole weight loss process, the patient will have to attend control check-ups where he/she will learn how to improve his/her eating habits.

Gastric Sleeve Stomach Reduction Patient

The Gastric Endomanga treatment is indicated for those patients who wish to lose weight and improve their health in a definitive way and without resorting to bariatric surgery. This endoscopic procedure is designed for women and men with a Body Mass Index (BMI) between 30 and 40.

Patients who choose this alternative to combat their obesity are usually people who have already failed with other weight loss processes such as diets or gastric balloon. Hence, they need a more effective treatment with lifelong results.

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Frequently asked questions about Endomanga to fight obesity

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Typically, patients lose about 40-50 kilos of excess weight at the time of surgery. To avoid damage to the organism, this loss is made progressively over time.

From the moment the procedure is completed, the patient will be able to observe how he/she loses weight on a daily basis. The first six months are the most important and it is possible to lose up to a total of 25 kilos.

Without any discomfort for the patient. Unlike other treatments, the Gastric Endomanga is characterized by being a minimally invasive technique. In addition to reducing postoperative and recovery times.

At Doctor Life Clinics we carry out an exhaustive follow-up of each of our patients. Nutritional re-education programs will help you learn to eat healthily and without starving yourself.

Both Endomanga and the Pose Method are non-surgical stomach reduction treatments that fight obesity. However, the Endomanga technique has been perfected to help patients further reduce their stomach and improve results day by day.

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