Gastric Balloon 6 and 12 months

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What does the gastric balloon consist of?

This procedure consists of the introduction of a balloon into the stomach which is filled with physiological saline solution up to 2/3 of the stomach. When the Intragastric Balloon obtains the optimal volume and is in place, the patient will feel satiated sooner, resulting in less food intake. With this treatment the patient will have less appetite, so he/she will eat less food.

The Gastric Balloon will remain in the patient’s stomach for approximately 6 to 12 months. Always depending on the degree of obesity or overweight shown by the patient. During this time, a dietary re-education will be carried out, leading a completely normal daily life.

How does the gastric balloon work?

Both 6-month and 12-month gastric balloons are treatments indicated for those who want to lose weight in a fast, safe and effective way. From the beginning of this technique, the patient will experience immediate weight loss, without resorting to surgery and with the full support of a team of medical professionals.

Gastric Balloon 6 months

At Doctor Life Clinics we are committed to your health. If you are thinking about recovering your health in a safe and uncomplicated way, we offer two types of gastric balloons, depending on the results you are looking for.

If you need to lose 20 to 25 kilos but do not want to resort to surgery, the right method for you is the 6-month gastric balloon. This treatment is indicated for patients with a body mass index over 30 and type I obesity. With it, you will obtain more than satisfactory results to return to good health.

Gastric Balloon 12 months

If you want to lose between 30 and 35 kilos, the balloon we recommend is the 12-month balloon. This treatment is intended for patients with type II obesity, that is, a BMI over 35. With it, you will achieve better results than with the 6-month balloon because, as it spends more time inside the stomach, the results are more drastic.

Both procedures are a safe and effective way to lose weight in the long term, without resorting to miracle diets or invasive surgeries, thanks to the intragastric balloon.

There are other balloons, such as the Elipse balloon, which is introduced in a simple manner, similar to swallowing a capsule, with the patient being conscious at all times.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Gastric Balloon

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This procedure is performed through endoscopy, orally, so the risks are reduced to a minimum. In addition, it is painless and quick.

It is a non-invasive procedure since it is performed orally, avoiding open stomach surgery.

The procedure takes about 20 to 30 minutes and the patient will be able to go home within an hour after the procedure.

To avoid the undesired rebound effect, Doctor Life Clinics complements the treatment with a nutritional follow-up and a process of dietary re-education. In this way, we ensure that the patient does not regain the lost kilos.

According to our data, 90% of patients lose, on average, between 30 and 35 kilos.

Anyone who wants to reduce their weight significantly, but does not want to make structural modifications to their stomach, is an ideal candidate for this technique. Without resorting to surgery, the patient will lose weight quickly, safely and effectively. In addition, the patient must have a BMI between 28 and 40, i.e., patients with type I and II obesity.

Gastric balloon placement is a non-invasive procedure, so the postoperative period is quick, with practically no risk of infection or complications. During the first few days, the patient will follow a liquid-based diet and, after a week, new foods will be incorporated.

The gastric balloon can be performed in any of our specialized hospitals in Madrid, Valencia, Alicante, Elche, Seville and Granada. Any of our centers are specialized and trained to perform a gastric balloon.

Gastric Balloon Price

One of the issues that most concern our overweight and obesity patients is the final cost of their weight loss treatment.

Committed to your health and well-being, at Doctor Life Clinics we offer you the best price for Gastric Balloon in the medical sector. All-inclusive and without any final surprise. In addition, if you prefer, you can finance it in small installments and pay for the treatment at your own pace.

Thanks to the Doctor Life Guarantee, you can completely forget about anything other than regaining your ideal weight and, of course, your health. Contact us for more information.

Why choose Doctor Life Clinics?

Closer to recovering your state of health. Specialized in overweight and obesity, Doctor Life Clinics offers you a nutrition unit to fight, together, the problems associated with weight gain. Our team of medical surgeons and endoscopists will show you the most revolutionary weight loss treatments in medicine, such as the Gastric Balloon.

If you are thinking about improving your health and you don’t know how, request a free assessment appointment at your nearest Doctor Life Clinic and start changing your lifestyle habits towards a new healthy model adapted to you.

Where to have the Gastric Balloon

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