Dutasteride with Capillary hematological derivative

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Dutasteride: effective hair treatment against alopecia

Dutasteride for hair is a specific type of drug that reduces the action of androgens on the follicular root, thus preventing the development of androgenic alopecia.

This drug is a 5-alpha reductase inhibitor, like other drugs such as Finasteride, which promotes the thickening of follicular units.

The use of this treatment on the hair helps to improve the hair density and the root completely. While slowing down the constant hair loss.

It can be used in women and men with different types of alopecia. Although it is advisable to use it as a preventive measure for hair transplantation.

Treatment with Dutasteride can be initiated orally or topically through lotions, creams and microinjections. To further enhance its results on the hair, it is combined with other hair techniques such as Vampire Hair.

Dutasteride before and after with capillary hematologic derivative

At Doctor Life Clinics we offer the possibility of starting the Dutasteride treatment together with sessions of capillary hematological derivative. The combination of these two techniques will allow the patient to slow down hair loss faster and stabilize the specific type of alopecia.

Unlike hair grafting, the drug Dutasteride with hematological derivative does not require any type of surgical intervention. It is a completely outpatient treatment that is performed in consultation under the supervision of the specialized medical team.

The results of Dutasteride are visible after the first three months of taking this drug. The patient will notice an increase in hair density and a complete stabilization of follicle loss.

How is Dutasteride taken?

The drug Dutasteride must be prescribed by a medical professional with expertise in hair health.

In any of the Doctor Life Clinics we have a large team specialized in hair treatments. After a previous capillary examination, the physician will indicate whether or not the patient is suitable for the consumption of this drug and its subsequent combination with the hematological derivative technique.

Dutasteride is usually oral capsules that are taken once a day. It is recommended that the intake is always at the same time and can be accompanied by any type of food.

Hematologic derivative sessions are performed in consultation on a regular basis. According to the needs of each patient and what has been stipulated by the medical team.

What type of patients can start Dutasteride treatment with hematological derivative?

The combined treatment of Dutasteride with capillary hematological derivative can be performed in any type of patient with a moderate or mild degree of alopecia. Both women and men.

It is important to remember that this drug is not a definitive solution as is the case with FUE hair grafting.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Dutasteride with Capillary Hematological Derivative

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The price of Dutasteride with hematologic dervide will depend on the patient’s own needs. Depending on the number of plasma sessions and the current degree of alopecia.

Dutasteride treatment provides a multitude of benefits to combat and stop alopecia. However, since it is a drug, it may present certain side effects such as allergic reaction, decreased sexual libido or sore throat.

If during the consumption of this medicine you feel any of these pathologies, do not hesitate to contact the medical team and they will help you to solve these cases.
The percentage of side effects in patients is very low.

Although it will always depend on the patient’s situation and state of capillary health, it is normal for the first results to be seen from the first trimester onwards. In order to continue in this way, it is recommended not to pause the treatment at any time and to follow the guidelines indicated by the specialized medical team.

Dutasteride is a hair treatment focused on incipient baldness in patients with young age, less than 30 years old. Cases with a higher degree of alopecia should resort to definitive techniques such as hair transplantation.

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